Loyalist East Belfast

Here are the two low walls along Freedom Corner in east Belfast. Above, “The Ulster conflict is about nationality – this we shall maintain – UK” with the flags of Ulster [Northern Ireland], England, the UK, Scotland, Wales. Below, “Loyalist east Belfast” between the Ulster Banner and Union Flag.
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A Taste Of Tradition

The Whiterock Flute Band was founded in 1962 by the the local Temperance Lodge and drew on areas near the now nationalist areas of New Barnsley, Moyard, Whiterock, and the upper Springfield for its membership. Over the years has seen the route of its annual parade changed “by the authorities or at the whim of nationalists” (band history pages one | two | three).
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He Died That We Might Live

UVF volunteer John Hanna was 19 years old when he was killed by “the enemies of Ulster” (the IRA) at his home on Donegall Road in the Village. This new board is in Prince Andrew Park, just off Donegall Road. “Always remembered by the officers and volunteers South Belfast [2nd Batt Sandy Row] UVF”.
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A Hive Of Glass

The Ulster banner with “Village – No surrender” in (UVF) orange-on-purple.
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North Down Defenders

Small board in Bangor from the North Down Defenders flute band  (Tw | Fb) – a modified Ulster banner (with clenched red hand) surrounded by the flags of the LPA, UDA, UFF, and UYM.
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The War Of Northern Aggression

The confederate attempt to secede from the union is put in parallel with loyalist resistance to Home Rule, and both were driven by “sons of Ulster”:

The sons of Ulster who led the confederate army during the War of Northern Aggression [aka the Civil War]: “Do your duty as I have done mine – General Jeb Stuart”, “It is history that teaches us to hope – General Robert E Lee”, “All that I am and all that I have is at the service of my country – General Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson”, “The government at Washington denying our right to self-government, refused even to listen to any proposals for peaceful separation. Nothing was then left to do but prepare for war – President Jefferson Davis, inaugural address at Richmond, Virginia, February 22nd 1862”.

The sons of Ulster who wrote and signed the Ulster Covenant during the Home Rule crisis of 1912: “Being convinced in our consciences that Home Rule would be disastrous to the material well-being of Ulster as well as the whole of Ireland, subversive of our civil and religious freedom … – The Ulster Covenant, written by Thomas Sinclair, Ulster Day, September 1912 inspired by Scotland’s Solemn League and Covenant, Greyfriar’s Churchyard, Edinburgh 1638.”

“My Ulster blood is my most priceless heritage” is from James Buchanan. For others in the series “From pioneers to presidents”, see Visual History 08.

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Andrew Jackson

“Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the USA and the first of Ulster-Scots descent, his family emigrated from Carrickfergus to North Carolina in 1765. After leading the army to victory in the Battle Of New Orleans in 1815 Jackson became a national hero and became known as “Old Hickory” after the tough wood of the native American tree. His “common man” credentials earned Jackson a massive popular vote and swept him into the Presidency for two consecutive terms (1829-1837).”
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Stevie McKeag

“In loving memory of military commander Stevie ‘Top Gun’ McKeag – sleeping where no shadows fall. Born 1970, died 2000.” McKeag’s portraits is on a board at the centre of a mural of flags – UFF, Ulster Banner, St Andrew’s Saltire, and UDA .

A previous McKeag mural (on Shankill Parade) had been re-imaged in 2004 (into a Cuchulainn mural). This one was painted in 2006 across the green in Hopewell Crescent.

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Welcome To Loyalist Eden

King William’s True Blues flute band from Eden Village (outside Carrickfergus) amalgamated with the South East Antrim Defenders. That group disbanded in 2007 but was re-established in 2010.

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United Kingdom

The central panel in Thorndyke Street, Belfast, reproduces a postcard from during the Home Rule debate: “Ulster to Britain: thou mayest find another daughter with a fairer face than mine, with a gayer voice and sweeter and a softer eye than mine; but thou canst not find another that will love thee half so well!” The Ulster Banner (a flag of Northern Ireland) is used to represent Ireland in the quartet of flags while the shamrock stands alongside daffodil, rose, and thistle. For the Anglo-Norman French around the crown’s coat of arms, see Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.
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